17th May 2021

Six ways to keep your home smart, safe & efficient during the lockdown

With the majority of us now staying at home, Halo Smart Homes can help you make sure your home still remains smart, safe and efficient and we’ll tell you how here.

You can self install all our Smart Homes security and camera packages making it easy to turn your home into a smart home. Our simple online wizard guides you through the process, step by step and can be completed within an hour or two depending on how many devices you are installing.

  1. Spy on your kids from your phone

    Trying to get some work done but struggling to keep an eye on the kids? Live stream your indoor camera feed directly to your phone so you can see and hear exactly what your kids are up to. Plus, you can talk to them through the camera if they are up to something they shouldn’t be. You can also check live footage from your outdoor camera if they are playing in the back garden.

    An easy way to live stream all your cameras is to use your Amazon Fire TV, where you can view up to four live feeds at the same time.

  2. Stay connected to your parents or family members who live independently.

    All they need is an internet connection and you’ll be able to drop a camera at your Mum’s house and see and speak to her using your login and subscription.

    Alternatively, set up a Smart Homes system in the homes of your loved ones and you can receive instant notifications such as an unexpected activity alert or a sensor activated alert, giving you peace of mind knowing they are remaining active during the day.

  3. Have complete home awareness

    Even when your system is disarmed, you can view your activity log to know exactly what is going on in your home – from what sensors have detected motion to when doors were opened and closed. Receive notifications when the front door, back door or garage door have been opened, closed or left open for a specified amount of time. You can also make sure the kids locked the door after returning from their walk and lock or unlock it directly all through the app.

  4. Save money on your energy

    Use the app to see if all your lights and electrical appliances are off, saving you money on your energy bills – even ask Siri to turn them off for you. You can also create rules to turn on your lights for five minutes when the motion sensors in those areas are activated after sunset. Set scenes to combine multiple actions into one command so when you go to bed you turn everything off and arm the system with just one tap.

  5. Limit your children’s time on the PlayStation

    Set up a notification to be sent when the games console cupboard has been opened so you know exactly when your children are using it. Limit their games time by setting up schedules to turn on and off the PlayStation on certain days, at certain times to ensure they are also doing their school work.

  6. Seamlessly manage your music

    Manage the music or radio in each room via the Sonos integration functionality. Include your favourite playlist or radio stations within a scene that can be activated with just one tap. Set your wake up scene to play the radio and hear the latest news or set an evening scene to dim your lights and play your chillout playlist.

Need some advice?

If you have any questions or would like further advice on how to use your Smart Homes system,
please contact our Customer Service team on 0800 004 999 or email enquiries@protectmyproperty.co.uk.