17th May 2021

How to get the best out of your Smart Homes security cameras

Smart home security cameras are now becoming a modern security essential. Packed full of benefits, it’s great having home security cameras – but how can you use them to their full potential?

Firstly, it’s not all about the camera but also the technology behind the camera.

With the best-in-class hardware, our cameras are fully integrated into our platform and app and give you advanced video features, extra home security benefits and an easy installation experience.

As technology gets better every year, you may be expected to replace your cameras frequently but with Halo Smart Homes you don’t have to. We release updates to your cameras remotely, so you can have all the latest features but without the latest camera.

The live HD stream from any camera to your smartphone, tablet, desktop or even your TV is a great way to investigate that strange noise outside, say hello to the kids or to check and verify why the alarm has been activated.

Equipped with video analytics, our cameras use artificial intelligence to identify and alert you to what is important. Video analytics lets you create virtual tripwires and ground zones, enabling you to further customise activity based on the layout of your home and the areas you need to protect. Watch the video here.

The cameras continuously scan your home and can notify you when a person, vehicle or animal is detected crossing your virtual tripwires or ground zones in real time. Some examples of notifications include:

  • Ignore a person who visits your front door and then leaves, such as the postman, but records and alerts you to when a visitor lingers for too long on your porch
  • A vehicle stops outside your home but ignores every vehicle that drives past
  • Ignores any animals on your drive, but alerts you to any people or vehicles
  • Sends a notification when someone enters your garden, but ignores anyone leaving
  • Captures only movement within the boundaries of your garden while ignoring anything going on in public areas.

There are options to customise your video alerts; such as turn off all alerts from your indoor cameras when your security system is disarmed to avoid becoming overwhelmed with notifications.

Set custom record triggers by time, day, camera and motion and receive notifications with thumbnail images. You can also set the cameras to record when specific event occurs such as:

  • Setting your internal cameras to capture and record video when the alarm is triggered so you can capture footage at the time of the event and to check to see if you need to call the police.
  • Capture footage from a camera that covers the front door whenever the system is disarmed by a specific user, e.g. when your children arrive home from school or the dog walker.
  • Alternatively, if the system is left disarmed, set a rule to capture the images when the front door is opened, or the door is unlocked.
  • Check who accessed the medicine cabinet by capturing images each time the door is opened.

Video activity is recorded and saved in clips on the cloud, and is accessible via your account using your smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing you to filter by date, camera, event trigger or object detection (person, animal or vehicle).

Your subscription fee allows you to store up to 3,000 clips in the cloud. Your clips can be retrieved at any time and once this quota is reached the oldest clips will be overwritten. You can easily protect important clips, so they are never overwritten in the app.

Video clips can be shared so you can send cute clips of your dog, funny moments of your children or evidence of an attempted break-in to your family, friends or the police.

You can upload a maximum of 3,000 clips to the cloud per month. A notification will alert you when you have reached 50%, 75% and 100% of your allocated uploads. If you receive an alert or reach the upload limit before the end of the month, we recommend amending your video recording rules to prevent clips not being uploaded.

Please contact our Customer Service team on 0800 004 999 if you require further help or advice